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Red dot finder

Big Al

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The standard RDF on my Nexstar 6SE has gone flaky. Thought it was the battery, but it looks like the on/off/brightness dial is a bit iffy. Sometimes when it's turned on, nothing happens. Usually, giving the body a hard flick on the side with a finger sorts it, so guess it may be a bad connection or possibly dirt in the switch. 


Has anyone ever taken one apart? Can't see an obvious way of doing this (although I haven't looked too closely yet). Or would I be wasting my time?



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they all seem the same Alan, mine did exactly the same as yours, alittle flick and it would sometimes come on if it felt like it, i would certainly upgrade to something better as i did.

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Guest StevenWhatley

I found that sometimes the battery was being held in tight enough on my old one, try bending the clip a little so it has more contact with the battery.


Just a suggestion, as they get bent out over time and changing battery over and over again.

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Just a thought before you cut it open with a razor saw  :)


As already said:

Battery Terminals Corroded / Dirty

Brightness / Switch terminals - Try Moving it on / off / up and down many times to see if it helps

Spot of WD40 or like sprayed behind the switch (last resort before breaking it open and then chucking in bin)



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Guest CodnorPaul

Yep happened to mine - replaced it with a Rigel Quickfinder and problem sorted, and the Quickfinder is soooo much better to use, and a lot smaller than a telrad base so on an SCT it is ideal

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