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Allan the Plumber

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Does anyone have a basic set up for processing DSLR images on DSS


I have been playing around with settings as advised by Mr Doug German  " have a play you cant break it"  oh yes you can :screwloose:


I've screwed around with settings and now only getting a mess when processing or an error report after processing . I've tried uninstalling and loading the latest's version 3.3.4 hoping that this would  overwrite my changes Nah :facepalm:


Also its not a program as it a beta that you can uninstall the normal way have looked and tried


If anyone could get me started with what settings works well for them from there I can hopefully get DDS to work again



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I find if I stack too much without exiting and going back in, it gets a bit screwy,

No tried all that removed all programs of DSS have now tried to set settings to what I think was the original settings

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I use 3.3.3. beta 47 I've only a few things !! :)

they have a new beta mode out 3.3.4


think it might of been the drizzle I had ticked

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usually if you have drizzle checked in settings it takes ages to process and then fails, does on my pc anyway, i leave it unticked for certain,

using average and kappa sigma clipping also makes a differance in the lights and darks, sometimes checking  (reduce the noise using median filter) darkens the resultball ache, but try stacking 4 lights and darks with diifernt settings on each as regarding light and dark settings, fits files work quicker

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Guest chrism37

Hi guys. Still only on my second post and already sticking my oar in!


I have always found that the following work for me as standard settings to get me started.


Result Tab

Standard Mode

Align RGB checked


Light Tab

Average stacking mode

RGB Channels Background Calibration (click on this and go to Options, set Linear and Minimum)


Dark Tab

Mode: Median

Hot Pixel... checked

Dark Optimization checked


Flats Tab

Median Kappa-Sigma Clipping (Kappa 2.00 Iterations 5)


Bias Tab same as Flats


Alignment Auto (make sure you get 50+ stars in the registration dialog)


Cosmetic - nothing checked


Output - whatever you fancy!


HTH, I played with it for ages trying all different combinations. Does depend on the image but these settings worked as a starting point for most things.





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