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My Leo Triplet 7/3/14


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Leo Triplet M65,M66 and NGC 3628 taken on a Moonlit night! Without doubt this is the hardest image I have processed! Comment please (and don't compare it to Olley's!!)




LeoTrip20140307 by ronclarke777@btinternet.com, on Flickr


MN190..Canon1000d modded.QHY5.PHD.Backyard EOS.DSS.CS3

12x360s+ 6 darks

Edited by Ron Clarke
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Nice one Ron.

Not an easy target to process as there is a lot going on.

You stretch one of the trips and another blows up on you.

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Lovely to see all three (I know the clue is in the name, but still nice).


The cores of the two on the right seem over exposed, but as Mike has said I guess it's a difficult balance to get enough detail out of the arms without blowing the core. The star field background looks a bit green in the centre and to the right side, but I suspect this could be resolved with some processing (no idea how).


But lovely image and you must be happy to have captured so much data and framed it so well.



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Thanks all, spent over an hour on PS3 trying to balance everything! It's thee most difficult image I have so far processed! It's that learning curve again!!

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Great effort.


Why don't you give gradient exterminator a go. You can download it free for a trial period and you should be able to remove most of the vignetting in the background.


The other tip is more exposures and longer if possible. That way you won't need to stretch the images so much to blow out the cores..



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