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tailored scope and accessory insurance

red dwalf

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now i`ve the Obsy set up in the garden i`ve been worried that the gear might not be fully insured also away at starpartys, when i had a little bit of kit it was insured for £1500 standard, now i`ve just renewed the household policy and had to do some seraching to get the outbuildings insured for the correct amount rather than the usual £1500, i`m looking for about twice that amount of cover maybe alittle more, so my question is does anyone know of a good insurance company that can do tailored insurance for outbuildings and contents at a good rate, the guys i`ve just switched to have insured the outbuildings for upto £75000 ! which n`i`m paying for but don`t want that much, could rebuild the house for that money. 

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Look at outbuildings on the policies and at adding individual items when away from home


think Morethan did my last policy, told them when confirming details.......about all astro gear, laptops away from home and in summer house similar to your obsy Rob 



(get quote etc on line to get best price but to cover yourself check all details, level  of cover  etc with a human  first before confirming on line quote!! also get name of person that confirmed details and if possible email confirmations from person confirming what he / she's agreed)

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