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first Jupiter with zwo asi 120mm YAH !

red dwalf

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out last night with Nick, conditions were not the best with Moon and some light cloud around, but had to give the zwo asi 120mm a go.

still getting to grips with the processing and not 100% that the rgb channels are 100% aligned but this is the best i`ve had so far.

8" sct and best of about 3000 frames in each channel,

two things i`ve never imaged before, great red spot and a transit of IO i think.

so a few first for me last night, thanks to Nick for the help.

anyone can help with the stacking and processing greatfully recieved.



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great stuff with the new camera and 2 great firsts



you may want to try to drop the gain a bit and increase exposure time till you get a bit more used to it


run it through PIPP following the instructions that come with it

then through Auto Stakkert using about 1000 frames


save as a tiff

open in registax6 and tweak wavelets to taste (if its a good one I use all sliders with 10-15 denoise &  if its a bit iffy try 2 & 5)

then into PS for levels maybe unsharo mask and a slight touch of noise reduction



thats about what I use but there is no right or wrong way

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Thanks for the comments,

Another learning curve,

Couldn't get it to stack very well with registax so I put it through pipp first, saved as a tiff, then put it through autostakket 2, results didn't look too good but saved it and then registax which went stright to wavelets, tweeked alittle and saved, then combined them all in PhotoShop, thumbled through it all but will try your tips Steve thanks.

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