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What scope to stargaze & start astrophotography?

Guest fondofchips

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Guest fondofchips

OK so I'm close to finishing my obsy now and still pondering on what scope to use.

The 4" Lyra and the EQ5 was always going to be my mobile/dark site setup.

Bought a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT at the weekend, so just the scope to sort out.

I'm thinking in terms of a Skywatcher 250 P-DS OTA, the maximum that the 8 x 8 obsy & the EQ6 will take (sensibly).

Any advice, thoughts or ideas?


EDIT - Didn't ask the question properly, looking for a scope that I can use for observing now & still able to do some basic astro photography later. 

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I've got one of those OTA's. Not sure what it'd be like for AP but it's great for dirty visual. I'd say personally if you're just going to use it for AP then get a little frac. The 250pds weighs about 15kg so it is quite heavy.

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What about a MN190 ? There's a couple on Astro B&S! First class astrograph, not to big or heavy! Like having a 7.5" Apo!!


PS or a SW ED80 Pro!

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Guest fondofchips

Thanks for the replies, didn't ask the question correctly - looking for a scope that I can use for observing now & still able to do some basic astro photography later.

Not able to think about AP until next year, still happy observing so that I was thinking in terms of the PDS version of the Skywatcher reflectors so that AP was possible later.


Tobias - thanks for the info on the 250 P-DS, I should be OK weightwise as I've now purchased an EQ6.

Ron - not surprised at the MN 190 recommendation, it's a little outside my budget at the moment as I have spent some of my OTA money on the better mount.

Sheila & Felix - apologies as I didn't ask the question correctly, I was looking for a scope that would do some observing now & allow me to do some AP later. 

                         The ED80 is the scope that is always recommended for AP. 


Thanks to you all for your help & interest.



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