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Well that was nearly a permanent 40 winks.


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The birds were singing away and the sun blazing through my open window this afternoon as I sat here in front of the computer, it was so tranquil.

So I settled back to enjoy a pleasant doze, like you do.


It was the sound of the earth trip clunking off which stirred me from my doze.

That and the awful sounds of protest the computer makes when it is shut down without warning.


Very strange I thought to myself that is the second time today that earth trip has shut the electric supply down.


It was then I smelt it.

A horrible acrid smell that burns the back of your throat.


A quick search soon uncovered the culprit.

An electrical fitting in the bathroom was merrily smoldering away after it had shorted out.


So if the earth trip had not worked and maybe if I had had the window shut it could have been a long 40 winks.


Just goes to show you never know whats around the corner.


So enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. :lol:

Edited by Graham
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Nasty - Glad you did not sleep on.


Can't be too careful with electrics - Last year a rat bit through our wiring that was going through the wall cavity and shorted it. (Probably didn't do the rat much good) Luckily like in your case the trip went.....


Live for today!



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Iam glad you are OK Graham, you definitely lucky this time.


Krys's parents had a fire in one room of the house, and all it really destroyed was an armchair and the flooring underneath it. This was caused by a candle not blown out. But the damage done by the Fire service, (Thanks, not a criticism.) breaking in and putting it out, and the smoke was extensive. The house was not habitable for eight months, and they had inadequate insurance had the building been damaged.


GET SMOKE DETECTORS and test them regularly. 

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