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Removable Semi Permanent Pier


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Just pondering an idea at the minute. I won't be able to get planning permision off the SWMBO to build an obsy, so I'm thinking next best thing here. I was going to build a very strong and sturdy non bouncy deck at the top end of the garden so I could set up with the mount etc. I'm in the fortunate position that I have an outdoor socket at the end of the garden, so power on demand too.

Then I got to thinking. What if I were to build the deck with a trapdoor in it. Then I could have a pier which is bolted to a few tonnes of concrete (slight exageration perhaps) but so I could remove it when not in use, meaning that SWMBO would be able to use the deck as, well, a deck. Does the idea sound at all plausable? How would one go about making it removable yet solid as a rock?

I was thinking a number of holes in a thick plate on the bottom so that it could slide over some studs sticking out of the concrete (a bit more technical, but you get the drift) then just bolt it down and away we go. Thinking 8 or so M10 or M12 in a ring with a slight difference in spacing so that it only fits one way around meaning less work to align. As I say, only pondering at the minute, it's dull and cloudy so plenty of time for thinking about such things.....

Another method I thought of was using some clamps, not sure exactly what they are called, but they are like a lever that you push into place, they use them a lot in fastening pressure chamber lids down etc so I'm sure you could get a good solid fix with them if you had enough of them. That would mean no messing about with nuts, washers, spanners etc....

Like these?

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