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25th July detail


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Through murky skies this am using 127 EDT with Lunt wedge and IMGOH cam.

2500 from 3500 frames, PIPP, AS2, Registax and PS7


This was about the sharpest I could get out of several runs, thin misty stuff was playing havoc with seeing here.



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Can you explain the Lunt wedge please Phil, is this a new idea for solar with a normal scope??




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Hi Ron. The Lunt wedge is the Lunt version of the Herschel wedge which was developed by John Herschel in 1830 for observing the sun safely in white light without using the dangerous glass filters of the day. So its been around awhile and various folks have done their own versions, Lunt and Baader are just a few around these days.


They can only be used on refractors and save having to use baco foil filters on the objective. Cos I have a few refractors I was having to have a baco foil filter for each scope. So to rationalise I bought a 1.25" wedge which will fit all my refracvtorsl There are 2" ones available as well but the 1.25" was cheaper and right for my purposes. If your at Kelling I shall let you have a gleg through it on the F15. They are particularly good at showing the granulation and faculae.

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