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Card Bahtinov Mask

Guest StevenWhatley

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Guest StevenWhatley

After splashing out on and NEQ6pro and a SWED80 Pro this month, im hard pressed to spend anymore money so out comes the DIY brain... pretty easyone this but saves £15 quid..


Made a template in Corel Draw, the printed it out on the Vinyl Cutter/Plotter at work onto fluorescent card..


14785573475_eb0a9ea487_b.jpgUntitled by stevenwhatley231284, on Flickr


and simply popped out the bits I didn't need..


These are ok I think on a small scale but would have to buy thicker card if I wanted to produce larger ones..


Just need the scope to turn up from FLO, and give them a test..


If it works I'm happy to make some more up if anyone interested.



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Guest StevenWhatley

Update -  SWED80 has arrived :) wow only ordered it at 1.30pm yesterday Thanks FLO !!! 


ED80 With above Bahtinov Mask (although I forgot to mention above that it has a black Vinyl Back)


14783838064_4d765c3163_b.jpgSkywatcher ED80 Pro with home made Bahtinov Mask by stevenwhatley231284, on Flickr

14783044761_72eb8e688f_b.jpgSkywatcher ED80 Pro with home made Bahtinov Mask by stevenwhatley231284, on Flickr

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