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that dob of mine

cosmic dave

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I have to say I was not that impressed with that 8 inch dob of mine, my 90 mm refractor seems to give a clearer view, anyway one more go next clear night and let's see what happens.

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There's so many factors that affect the use of any scope. The 200P is a smashing dob but you may have a problem with collimation, or light pollution, or seeing, temperature, eyepieces, object position, etc, etc. Bring it to an obs meeting and I'm sure we can help you - it's a great performer when everything is right :)

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Yeah, there is a poorly dob there. It sounds like somethings not right.

When you get a look at a star, put in an eyepiece around 8mm, and defocus it and let us know what you see. You should see concentric circles with a nice demarcated black centre.

If it's triangle in shape, the mirror clips are too tight, I used a piece of baking parchment as a gap gauge, it's about 15 thou thick.

You should just be able to turn the mirror by hand.

I know this one from bitter experience, and was kindly put right by Barry from Beacon Hill.

Dobs will never be as sharp as a refractor due to the central obstruction, but it shouldn't be that noticeable either.

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Guest wisewoman

Hey there,

Is it a Skywatcher Skyliner Dob you have? i must say that I've been really pleased with mine. It is prone to misting up on damper nights but it's easy to improvise a dew shield. Other than that it sounds like maybe the colimation is out?


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