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Getting rid of those satellite trails in images.

Guest peepshow

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Guest peepshow

Here is a single 10 minute RAW cropped exposure, ISO800, when moon was rising, using a Pentagon 200mm lens at f5.6

Modified Canon 450d.


Taken with my barn door tracker, with a Skywatcher AZ GOTO synscan mounted on it. :)


It's the North American nebula and friends.  Just the red extracted from the coloured image.


After processing with Faststone. Fitswork and Noiseware I found that there was that satellite trail in the top left corner. 

Damn. :D


So using the dropper in windows paint and then  line drawing bit by bit  I erased the trail. 

Not for the perfectionists I know, but it works for me.










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Guest peepshow

I don't use PS, Eddy, although I do have CS2.


Yes, I should have dumped that image but as it was my very first single image taken of the North American

I thought I might save it in a rather unorthodox and crude way. :)


I prefer using  Faststone and Fitswork for processing and being able to quickly

see 'before' and 'after' displays very easily. 

Nice auto and manual gradient removal tools too. 

And the learning curves are a bit shallower too. :D


Opening up files in Faststone is also very well presented.  Much better than CS2,

which also takes ages to load on my laptop.

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Guest Tweedledum

Great shots. Even with Pohotoshop Le, some judicious use of the clone tool would sort that out. Make the image around the track as big as poss and use the smallest clone tool that would remove the diameter of the track.

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Guest peepshow

Thanks everyone.

I do have a confession to make. 

Because the shot was overexposed and due to my inexperience

with processing, the original coloured image I managed to save had yellowish stars which

my level and curves could not remove.


So I split the image into its RGB components and discarded the green and blue.

So here's the original coloured image after processing...........Ugh. :D



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