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bubble neb

red dwalf

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1 hour of each channel, Ha, Oiii AND Sii all at 10 minute subs binned at 1x1 rate.

flats taken with each filter, the Ha and S ii flats where 8 and 14 seconds long to get an ADU reading of 24000, darks also included. 

after stacking and putting the channels together in Photoshop i added the Ha channel again as a Luminance channel at 40%.



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The detail on this is fantastic rob, well done. Personally I think (for me) it is a little too saturated in the red channel. Also your stars have lost their own colour and taken on a purple hue across the field. I am sure I've read/watched something about keeping individual star colour when using luminance layers. I'll see if I can find it. Lovely image though :)

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thanks all,

i agree it has too much red, my first attempt at putting a narrowband image together, so the Ha channel which is by far the most detailed went into the red channel, the Oiii was fairly week and that was used for the green channel and the Sii was not bad and used for the blue channel.

got alittle more data on this last night went for 20 minute subs and had another 1 1/2 hours of Ha and 40 minutes of Oiii before it started to slightly cloud over and i was falling asleep in my chair, 3 am in the morning, but learning loads as i go, stars are looking alot better i.e. rounder than my previous images, i was using a bantinov mask and relying on that but lately i`ve been trusting the capture softwares focus plans and going with the smallest number and i think it`s working better and i can do it all from my chair in the warm room so no more messing with bantinov masks, nice as the last couple of nights have certainly got colder. 

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