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I've never done any flocking before today, but I'm now very pleased with the results, and the process is now demystified for me.

Found it rather awkward at first, but soon got the hang of it taking my time. It is just something that needs patience and care. After carefully stripping out everything, I flocked the upper tube assembly, lower tube assembly and the focuser of the 14". By the time I had finished, I was looking round for any other stuff I might flock, and felt like I could tackle anything - large, small and even intricate shapes. Possibly I had it easy because I don't have a long tube to reach into. The lower tube assembly is only half a metre long and it is nearly wide enough to crawl through.

So to anyone else who is putting off doing it, I say have a go, it is not that difficult. The worst that can happen is that you mess up a cut or rip it and waste a sheet, but it is only a fiver at Wilkos. Make sure you have a proper cutting board, a steel craft knife or pointed scalpel (with a new ultra sharp blade) and a steel ruler for cutting a straight line to. I suggest you allow twice as much time as you think it might take, if you are new to it like me. Don't peel off too much at a time, just 3 or 4 inches and get that perfect before peeling off more.

If I did it again, I know I could do a neater job, but that is the same with everything that needs a bit of practice. If you look closely there are a few rough cut details and a couple of little creases, but I'm sure these won't detract from the increased contrast that should be gained.







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A very tidy job Pete, you will be pleased with the results, it really does improve the view no end.


A tip Perkil8r passed on, is to very lightly spray the tube with water before applying the flocking, this allows a bit of movement before it sticks, it then will evaporate through the fabric and adhere properly.

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Guest MichaelDurban

Yep..That's what I did Baz...some water..


Although I used ..eh..car upholstery for flocking, had just the right fiber length and had

a dark matte colour.


Still..the effect is the same..I think..

I can't see too much difference in contrast though.

But when I flocked my scope It was my first so..nothing to compare it to..

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