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Please recommend a decent solar filter for Celestron SLT 127 Mak


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Can anyone suggest a decent solar filter for my Celestron SLT 127?

As a beginner I don't want to spend too much but want something decent that will show me flares and spots?

Are there any filters that do that or do I need to different ones?

Open to pre-owned.




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They list the one you need on FLO's site, £40 for a 127 Mak....




I have this filter for my 200P and for sun spots it is really good, shows them up brilliantly.  Also, it is very secure how it fits, no worries of it falling off and blinding you.


The above filter will ONLY show you spots, for flares, granulation ETC, then you need something like this......




This is just an example, it is the cheapest FLO do, there are other out there but you are looking at £700 upwards (they stop around the £5000 mark).


Only HA (Hydrogen Alpha) scopes will give you flares and granulation.




This might seem like common sense but I must stress this, never look at the sun through a scope unless you have the correct equipment and know exactly what you are doing, remove all finders, Telrads etc before using your scope unless they have a filter, also, before you even put it on your scope, please make sure there are no tears, holes etc on the film.  You only have 1 set of eyes, look after them!

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