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Stellarium updating jupiter


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Hi all,

Does anyone know if it's possible to update Stellarium so the the Jupiter GRS position and moon positions are accurate. On mine they don't agree with the new lists I've just down loaded.

Cheers, Alan.

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Thanks guys. I have tried the method in Darren's link but it won't let me save the change. I'm running windows 7 and can't find the C:Documents and Settings file. I got into the Stellarium file in "Programes" but I don't think that's the one it's using. I'll have a look again later.

Boletus, are you saying that the latest version has the GRS position sorted? If so that may be the easiest way, just remove the old one and download the new version.

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Guest Tweedledum

I thought it had been added in v12.4, on v13 currently. If  not the update to the ssystem.ini files will resolve, but you have to update all of them (there are three) else it will nt work. I'll check when I fire up my office pc.

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I thought the views of Jupiter were current, we see it 32 minutes (ish) latter. Seemed to agree with my observations earlier in the year with ver 12.4


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I've just installed the latest version of Stellarium. It still doesn't agree with the listing I downloaded so I have looked up the times on a couple of other sites. None of them agree with any other! Who do I believe?

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I've got a handle on this now thanks to one of our local boys imaging the GRS and date / timing it. The Sky and Telescope site is close, giving the mid transit times about 17 mins early compared to my observations. 

I tried to set up Stellarium to correct it but had no luck there. However, Cartes du Ciel is easy to re-set and I've now got that corrected. This is what I did.

Click "Set Up" (top bar).

On the drop down click   "solar system".

At the top of the window click   "Planet".

About 2/3 down you'll find    "Jupiter GRS longitude"    Change the figure in the box to  218  and "Yearly drift" to 15.2.    Change "Date" to    2015.01.24

Click  "Apply"  then "OK".

To check, zoom in on Jupiter and set the Date / Time at 23-00  on  2015-02-21.  The GRS should be mid transit. It can be fine tuned by small alterations to the 218 figure.

When you shut down click  "Yes" to  "Do you want to save the program settings now".

Next time you open it you'll need to change back to system time. 

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