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3D printed telescope


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Thought that it was interesting.


1. Replacing the secondary mirror with a camera

2. Using 3d printing to compete with Asian costs


Not sure about the statement "The University of Sheffield researchers behind the project claim the image quality from the PiKon telescope compares to models costing 10 times as much." - might be bad at maths  :D

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Well I'd say the image quality just about looks ok for a £100 telescope  :lol:  .


Just googling online 3d printing plans for a 30" Dob, I might just be able to raise a grand or so and get one printed up  :D  .

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Except for one thing people think plastics when using 3D printing but now we are entering Nano tube printing -  different ball game altogether. Of course it depends on price  but being able to manufacture to order outside a factory environment thats the key. No more importing from XYZ just print it - subject to copy right etc




although the above link shows "composite" plastic/Nano


So maybe your 3D printed 30 inch (excluding mirros?) isn't so far away - one can dream .

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Damn! So I'd have to pay more if I want it with mirrors  :facepalm2:  :D .


This 3d printing is amazing though, and coupled with nano-technology, it makes you think what incredible stuff will be made this way in the future.

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