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Winter is here. M42 from this morning


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Rolled out of bed at 4am to get this picture.

The grand sight of M42 is back with us heralding the onset of winter skies.

I for one say welcome back :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:


Taken with the GT81

Modded Canon 350 D and clip filter


51 unguided subs of 30 seconds at ISO 800

11 Darks

11 Flats


Stacked in DSS

Tweaked in PS 6


Click on image for full size.



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nice one Graham, and the running man as well, i think thats one of your best images so far, you can take some very short subs and overlay the core and that will come out a lovely image.

can`t wait to bag it again myself this year and the flame and horse head.

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Guest peepshow

Gosh, I can't wait until that's in my sky at a more civilised hour soon before having a go at it. :)


But I'm sure my results, when they do come, will not be as splendid as yours.


Thanks for giving the number of subs etc  you used.  

A good guide for me, although compared with your GT81,  I only have a shorter focus 200mm lens, albeit a very good one. 


So my FOV will be roughly twice yours and my results probably half as good. :D

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Cracking image there Graham, well done.

Saw it as I got home from work at 4-15am, the low Crescent Moon and Jupiter were also spectacular.

Was too tired to set up.

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