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70 hour widefield, Soul but not Heart...

Guest ollypenrice

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Guest ollypenrice

For a change, the Soul is placed top right and not bottom left to the dominant Heart. In the lower left we have VdB14 and 15, a pair of insanely faint reflection nebulae. Separating these corners we see Sharpless 202, a huge and characteristically diffuse and faint emission nebula. Who was Sharpless? He has a lot to answer for. I must look him up! And near the middle we have Stock 23. Damn, who was Stock? More homework!!  :facepalm:


About 70 hours and 6 panels with luminance only for the bottom left (10.5 hours) and OIII only for the top right (6 hours), the bulk just being Ha-RGB. Ha added to red. Tandem dual Tak FSQ106N/Mesu 200/Atik 11000 and SXVH36.


In collaboration with Tom O'Donoghue and Yves Van den Broek but all data shot here in SE France.




Bigger; http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-J6hBf6k/0/X3/VDB14%2015%20TO%20SOUL%20Web-X3.jpg


About two thirds of full; http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-J6hBf6k/0/O/VDB14%2015%20TO%20SOUL%20Web.jpg



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