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Sheep rustlers / Lampers or Welsh sportman last night at B Farm


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That was strange "goings on" we saw last night and a pain,i guess ,for AP's (lamps were bright) but Mrk saw them off with his green light - probably thought he was an Alien :ph34r: .


Did MakkaPakka1 get home last night or was he "drawn" to his fellow Country men in that field ? :D


Seriously though if they were "rustlers"/poachers and had weapon's we could have been in some trouble I guess. Even if it was from intimidation - My wife's friend was threatened by Hare courses and was fined when he fired his shotgun into the air - it was on his land.


it is happening http://lincolnshirelocalnews.co.uk/2014/09/12/rutland-farmers-anger-as-rustlers-take-81-sheep/


Or maybe they just wanted one of Mark's great cup's of tea now he has taken over from Paul as "chief tea maker" - and he does make "decidedly good tea".


Yes I know I am :screwloose:


On behalf of the "newbies" who may not be on our forum may I say thanks to Paul,Mark and others for the time they give helping others - TA guys.

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Are there deer up there? In the Moorgreen woods near us the locals and police have found high velocity rifle shells, poachers are after the Red and Roe deer round here.


If they are lamping they will be after rabbits or foxes, it will take a shotgun or bullet round to take them out

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There are deer in and around the Lincolnshire Wolds, the guys that we saw were behaving strangely. Driving around shining a very powerful lamp around the fields, then leaving the vehicle and going on foot. They went around the same area several times. As it was dark I was unable to establish if they were kitted out in "willies and raincoats" :)

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"willies and raincoats" -  :o  Doing "Selfies" no doubt  :D


As for Deer they only have to go to Belton or Revesby parks no need to hunt them down. The Police have no chance ,especially in our neck of the woods , as there is little presence -Not  enough Police for size of area .


Mark is dead right they were doing some strange "lamping" especially as sheep appeared to be in the field too.


They were either not shooting or using very good silencers as I don't think we heard any "pops". Plus using high powered rifles when we were in a field not that far away - doesn't bear thinking about especially if they are as good an aim as me - I miss the barn door by miles.

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I can assure you my feelings toward sheep are all a bad dream! In all honesty I hope they don't make a habit of it, maybe we need a policeman astronomy enthusiast!


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