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More holiday snaps...

Guest ollypenrice

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Guest ollypenrice

To continue Stuart's theme, here are more holdiay photos from this week, though I wasn't on holiday, I was hard at work (I'll have you in tears! :P ) helping guests to collect and process these. Here we were working more quickly than I do on images done in collaboration with Yves and Tom who co-fund some of the kit. The Heart and Soul used Soul data from the previous week so the Heart and the region to its left and below it came in during a night and a half. HaRGB, dual Tak rig, full frame Atik and SX CCD cameras.




Then we had a one night stand on the Veil but that is still in progress. However, this other one nighter wasn't even a full night job. It only had four hours, which shows the cuteness of a dual rig. You could take the alternative route of an ultra fast astrograph but they are such ard work from what I've seen of them. Tryng to keep them up to optical scratch means time lost, whereas the tandem refractor approach does what refractors do - which is work! On one side 4 hours of RGB and on the other 4 hours of Ha;




Bigger; http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-sv8j2Xp/0/X3/Flaming%20Star%208%20Hrs%20HaRGB%20WEB-X3.jpg



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really good as always.  Myself and stephen used twin taks at Kelling and managed to get a complete image in 2 nights.  really makes

a difference :D

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