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Hello and help needed in Melton Mowbray

Guest 11th Melton Brownies

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Guest 11th Melton Brownies

Hi everyone.

I am looking for to help our Brownies to complete their Autumn Seasons Badge.

We have a requirement to:

"With an adult you know, spend time looking at the stars and point out at least two constellations"

We meet on a Monday evening from 6 until 7.30 in Melton - would any of the kind people who are close enough to Melton be good enough to come along and speak to the Brownies, to help us to do this?

There are 21 in the pack at the moment, and they are from 7 to 10 years old.

We have projection facilities - from a laptop, if you would like to present, but even a short talk and then we could go outside to do some actual observation would be fantastic.

No mad rush, but if this could be done before Xmas that would be great.

Many thanks!

Lisa Hawkins, 11th Melton Brownies.

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Guest CodnorPaul

Hi Lisa


My other half is a Brown Owl and we got one of the members on here who has a mobile planetarium to come along and took the girls into there - not reliant on weather then, so that is one option.  He did a presentation on the constellations and described the reasons why some of them are called what they are which the girls enjoyed, and it has certainly stuck in the memory of my daughter.


As for the other option we have members in Melton who I am sure would be more than happy to bring a scope along.  I work in Melton sometimes so if all else fails I could potentially tie in a day working with it, but my diary is always a little subject to change.

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Guest 11th Melton Brownies

Hi Paul,

that sounds like a great idea, but what was the cost, can you remember?

Our meeting place (school hall) has lots of room. 

In fact some of our Brownies have been into a mobile planetarium at the Star Quest day in Leicester recently and they really enjoyed it - I hadn't thought of that as an option.

Many thanks,


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