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Direct guiding through a DSLR lens.

Guest peepshow

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Guest peepshow

I guess this maybe a very daft question but you guys seem to thrive on 'em. :)


As I have understood it so far, guiding either uses a separate 'scope with all the problems of alignment with the main scope axis or it uses an OAG through the main imaging 'scope.


So why cannot some guiding software just look at a selected star from the actual  image being taken on the DSLR?

The image could be greatly enlarged by the software and a suitable  star selected as the guide star on the PC.


This would avoid the OAG prism or in the case of non OAG, the expense and setup problems with a dedicated

guiding scope.


If this were possible, guiding could be done even with a lens mounted on a DSLR.  No extra guide scope required.


Maybe it can be/has been done but I cannot find any info on it.......... 

That is probably because my question was a very daft one as I warned you. :D

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Starlight xpress used to have a system exactly as you described, but it doubled the exposure time (as 1/2 the time it was guiding)and had some software that switched the chip from guiding to imaging, also it gave some weird amp glow down one side.


The other way is to use a double chip system - expensive and takes up space.


so i am afraid you are stuck with the OAG or guidescope

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your guide scope and camera does not have to be perfectly aligned to the imaging scope either, pointing in the same direction will do, so a cheap 9x50 scope and a webcam will do although having tried the webcam approach i would recommend getting something a little better. 

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SBIG did a camera that had the main sensor and a guide sensor side by side in the one unit.

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