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Backyard vs APT


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Don't own either of these and have only played with BackyardNikon (BYN) that is in Beta (thanks Ibbo! :) )


Main reason for looking was to try and overcome the 30s limit when using interval time shooting mode with my D5000 which the software does not overcome (via USB - requires me to purchase or build an adapted serial lead) but it has introduced me to a number of other features.


Focus assistance, live view and framing by overlaying an image previously taken, planning shooting sequences etc.


For now, I have a work around in the form of a 3rd party Digital timer remote control that can be programmed to take timed longer exposures with my Nikon but since I may go down the astro modified Canon route at some point I thought i'd pose this question about...


BYN or EOS vs APT.


I don't know much abut them, they appear to have very different costs and ways of pricing the product but I also wonder what are their pro's and cons and how the features compare . Sorry if this has been asked before as it probably has... :)



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Hi Steve, I'm a BYEOS user, tried APT but could not get on with it! The newer version of BY does all that I need including fast exposures for Solar and video's if I need them, maybe it's because I'm used to it but the results are good and it has my vote!  :)




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Thanks...Anyone used both?


APT seems a lot cheaper. Does it have a lot less features? What attracts people to BYE? I have only tried that so far as the BYN Beta does work (to an extent) with my Nikon and it's  free for now to play with. Looks really nice... free at the moment but am interested to know swings it with the quite large price difference.


Thanks again



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