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First attempt at a Hubble image. Wizard Neb


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Managed to gather 7 hours of O111 last night to add to the HA and S11 I already captured this week.


This morning I began the steep learning curve in processing this lot into a tri coloured image.


After a lot of reading I decided to bite the bullet and have a go.


It took a lot of trial and error, mainly errors but I think I have begun to get some where close in achieving a half decent result.


Set up.


GT 81

SXV - H9

SX filter wheel

Pier mounted belt modded NEQ6

Captured in Maxim

Guiding in PHD using a Loadstar and OAG




HA - 7 hours of 1200 second subs.

O111 - 7 hours of 1200 second subs

S11 - 7 Hours of 1200 second subs


All subs stacked in Maxim


Aligned and combined in PS 6.


All comments tips and help welcomed and needed.


Click on image for full res.



Edited by Graham
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Very nice Graham, can't be easy!! Only comment I would make is that if you can darken the surrounding sky, the nebula contrast would be even better?? :)

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i was going to ask graham as you usually get magenta stars and background (not green)  but you answered that one :D  but still looks nice to me :D

better than my first attempt :lol:   well done




if you want to send data i will have a go with it if you want :D

Edited by Sheila
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Had another go at this tonight using the correct mapping.

I also used the suggested method from Noel.

To say I am more than a little pleased with the outcome is a slight under statement.


Again click on the image for full size.



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