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Big eps anyone?


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Far be it from me to be posting anything about OTT astro equipment :facepalm: , but someone might be interested in the following. :)

There are some weird and wonderful giant eyepieces around that I've seen for sale on Astromart. I love to find these unusual things.

Zeiss Giant astronomical eyepiece. Focal length (calculated) 130mm. FOV 80 degrees. Field stop diameter 180mm. Weight 3.9 Kilograms. Fitting M200 thread. Only $3000.00 secondhand.

Anyone like a nice Zeiss finder eyepiece with illuminated and dimmable cross hairs. Field stop diameter 120mm. Weight 1.8 Kilograms $2500.00 secondhand.

You won't find them in use on your average 200p.

I don't think there was ever much of a production run, and they are probably custom made one off's for use in the big obsy's.


No, I haven't been messing around with Photoshop! :D



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Were these advertised for sale on 01-April ?


Perhaps the advertiser may show a picture of these ep's in the original installation.





Markus Ludes of APM Telescopes in Germany was selling these among other unusual, mainly Zeiss equipment in October 2007 if I remember correctly.


I think that this type of eyepiece might have been used on something big like the 40" refractor at Yerkes Obsy, where the bigger eyepiece would give 150x magnification with a half degree field of view. Your average 25mm eyepiece would give 770x with a field of view of only 0.06 degrees!



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Can't imagine how mind blowing the view through something that size would be!

Your average 12mm eyepiece would make Jupiter completely fill the field of view!


I'm sure that seeing conditions on all but the very best of nights would have the image boiling and bubbling at 1500x.


Big, very long focal length eyepieces are the only way to actually see anything visually through these big telescopes, but of course they are mainly used for imaging.

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