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Time laspe pic using raspberry pi noir using 28mm Cannon Lens


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Just playing but was interesting (me anyway):


Runs from 16.30 till 07.00 just pointing east at about 15 degree out of treble glazed window (hence some ghosts). Normally pick up Plane trails and the odd bright star + Moon. However I noticed this on one frame. Note 6 min exposure is stacked by the time lapse software using rolling shutter(?) - A baby knows more than me about photography. 




Cropped and magnified image of above




Picture was about 5.45am Nov 6


I am assuming that its still a plane not a satellite at that angle. Apologies  for quality.


And no I am not saying its anything else Meteor, X Files etc just curious 

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Yes, that's a plane.

I can only open the first one. The second says either I don't have permission or you've moved it.

That's what I thought - must have been at a lower altitude than my previous contrails as they appear as 1 continuous line (see link below) and I don't see the flashing light. May have been the "dawn" patrol from Waddington - AWAC or Rivet.




2nd link should be ok - works for me when logged out of "drive".


Thanks Pete

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