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Live coverage of Rosetta mission

Morris Oxford

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A bit of confusion regarding times between NASA and the BBC but I thought this could be interesting:




Set date to 12th November, time to 1pm GMT.Coverage from 1-2pm. Just have to make sure I'm at my desk between 1 & 2!


BBC article:






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Well that was interesting. Looks like philae bounced twice! Landed 3.30 then again at 5.20 and again at 5.30. Harpoon and booster systems appear to of failed and it could be about 1 km away from planned landing site. Might not be able to carry out drilling but it is stable and carrying out science.

Still an amazing achievement and hats off to all involved.


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I'm still following this on Twitter, it's great for stuff like this, up to date, minute by minute in small bite sized chunks, you just have to follow the right people though to get the real, proper news, not speculation, still exciting stuff.

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So they know it bounced, currently they are concerned that it is in too much shade, without light they cannot charge the batteries, the other concern is that it appears (as of now) that the probe is on a slope, possibly even on its side :(

Still receiving data and pictures are starting to come through.

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Some bad news from Rosetta......

  • Philae only gets 1.5 hrs of sunlight in a 12 hrs day.
  • 2 instruments (MUPUS + APXS) not activated for fear of moving Philae.
  • 8 out of 10 instruments sending back data, the other 2 need movement and would consume energy
  • The antennas are well pointed to Rosetta though (good news)


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So Philae is "almost upright", 2 feet on the ground but one sticking up in space, they have confirmed they are in the shadow, so not getting enough sunlight.

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