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What Grease for OTA focus tube worm gear?


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Read differing reports using Lithium based or PTFE grease which is best.


I like this one cos I can eat it safely as its H-1 grade   :D




or something like 






Bacon Grease ???? really 


Seriously what are your preferences ? 


The present stuff seems very very tacky !


Thanks in advance

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I shouldnt think it makes much difference really, both are based on slippy bases, and a focuser isnt a high speed high load bearing area so I wouldnt worry too much about it, just use a grease which wont spread all over the place in warm temperatures or go solid in freezing conditions. Just to throw another in the mix I use a teflon based grease on my mounts etc.

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Personally I would not use any grease on a focuser.

The rack part is exposed to the elements and so will pick up dust and grit which will stick to the grease causing damage as it is dragged between the rack and the pinion.

Most rack and pinions will have different metals for the rack and the pinion so are pretty much self lubricating.

As Phil points out the rack and pinion is a slow speed non load bearing part.

So long as the Teflon pads are in good order all should be well.

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Thanks for the comments - might try a clean R&P - but it does go against my gut instinct (however wrong that might be)what happens to two metals grinding together even if they are under minimal pressure.


Thanks all for your info.

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