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24 mins worth of horse head and flame nebula in Ha

red dwalf

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waited ages for this to get high enough last night then only managed 24 minutes worth before clouds rolled in.

Atik 314L+ with baader 7nm Ha filter,

William Optics GT 81 with reducer,

guided with altair 10 x 60 finder and ASI ZWO 120 mm camera. 



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Thanks for the comments ,

Only 6 x 4 minute subs Sheila , was really trying out the guiding, still not 100 % happy with it but getting there.

Also had a few 5 minute subs of m33 in luminance while waiting for the horse head to come up.

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thanks all, 

looking forward to giving this a real session, needs to be framed alittle better so have been out adjusting the camera a little to bring the flame up a bit more and then just need to move over to the left a slight bit to get all the flame in, tricky when your chip is only just big enough to get it in, i can see another purchase of a bigger chipped camera coming ! 

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Very nice Rob. Like that and will be super with the changes to framing.


Maybe a silly question... is there an effective ISO (or equivalent) you have used with the Atik camera?


If it's  as good out there as clearoutside suggests i'm off out to set up! :)



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no real iso with ccd cameras that i know of, i just cool the camera down to -10 degrees Celsius which helps with noise then do 4 or 5 minute exposures, properly need a litttle less as that star above the flame is very bright and the flame itself is easy to overexpose.  

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