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Hi from Notts

Guest kevinpayne1

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Guest kevinpayne1

Dear All

I just wanted to say a quick hello - I registered on SGL a month or so ago. Apologies for those of you that might of read the below post there - but it was much easier than writing something different!

After years of reading on the subject, I've recently got my first telescope, a Skywatcher Skymax 127 Synscan. I'm really pleased with it and have really enjoyed seeing Jupiter, the moon as well as the Crab Nebula, Andromeda and the Plaedies.

Up to now, I have just been observing from the back garden which is quite light polluted (although the SE section of sky is actually comparatively dark - so I can see a lot more there).

I've just about got the hang of using the scope now and have really enjoyed getting to know it. I know that there's a lot more that it will do and show me with more practice.

I would really like to hear if anyone knows of any particularly good sites in the area as well as if there are any meet ups that happen. I am going to go along to the Nottingham Astronomical Society as soon as I am able and would be interested to hear if anyone would recommend it as a group.

Have found out a wealth of info, just by browsing this site and SGL. I did not realise that there were so many people in this part of the world that shared this interest!



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Hi Kev and welcome to EMS :)

We have an observing group (the "Dark Site" group) here on EMS. We pay for the use of two dark sites one at Sawley and the other at Belper (which also has a clubhouse for talks and presentations). We allways get a very good turnout these days with around ten or a dozen at least, when the weather allows us to meet up. The meetings are allways very enjoyable and we share the views through each others scopes and help out newbies with alignment, object finding, and technical issues.

It's a fun and friendly group and you'd be welcome to attend your first meeting for free to see how you feel about becoming a fully paid up member. Subs are currently £20 per year for free use of both sites any night all year. Keep an eye on the Announcements section (especially at the weekend) for the next meeting. Hope we get to see you there soon.

Enjoy the forum :)

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