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Holiday Snap... Milky Way over the Adriatic


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Didn't take the scope on our drive around Europe this summer but did take the bins and camera.  


Still many photo's to process as we were a way for quite a few weeks. Here is the first astro one I have got around to putting together. Composite. Longer exposure for the foreground and 5 images stacked in DSS for the sky.


Nikon D5000, Mike's old heavy duty mount being put to good use (thanks for that Mike :) )

18-105 @18mm

Foreground Rocks and sea - 1x 3min exposure ISO3200

Sky - 3x 25s + 2x 30s ISO3200


Didn't have many clear nights over the 5 weeks away so didn't regret not taking the full setup. On the good nights scanning the Milky way and it's many delights was a joy though using the 15x70 Bins.


This shot was taken over the Adriatic from Cuvi Beach nr Rovinj, Istria in Croatia.


Pleased with the picture but of course it's a bit grainy and misses the sharper detail that tracking would give.


Comments welcome. 




15185457984_b89a5c562b_c.jpgMilky Way  Cuvi Beach - Rovinj Croatia Aug 2014 by sja88, on Flickr

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Thanks for the kind words/comments.


Easily missed Mike (so many good pics around) and hey... you're busy with Bob! :)


I was much further in land in Plitvice (Land of the falling Lakes) a few days before this and the skies are potentially much darker but the weather was not playing. This turned out to be a good night so left the other half to sleep and headed down to the Beach!


Skies were pretty nice from the coast too of course and fancied trying to get the water in. Bit odd hiding between the rocks on a beach in the dark in a "strange" country... a little nervous with just the sounds of the waves rolling up the stony beach and people cycling/walking not too far away a few meters or so behind. They probably thought what the *&^* :) but it was worth it for the views.



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