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what's this strange light when i`m focusing ?

red dwalf

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i`ve noticed when i`m doing my focusing routine that i get a strange overexposed light at the top of the image, at first i thought light must be getting in somewhere but i`ve checked and can`t find anything obvious, so was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what it could be or is this normal ?



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Have you got an led somewhere near your finder objective view? Sneaky things those, just about every bit of kit you get these days has an led so you end up with your kit looking like a christmas tree. I stick insulting tape over most of mine in the obs to avoid light ingress into sensitive areas

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I dont think there was a bright star anywhere Steve, I was imaging m33 so a fairly dim part of the sky.

No leds either Phil,

Very strange as it seems to happen when I'm doing the focusing.

Image above was only 5 seconds so very low for a over exposed star.

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