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Photo At last


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Hello everyone

i have finally got around to putting a photo on of my new telescope that i got earlier in the year on:

15226165200_b592d77a3a_s.jpgDSC_4553 by richardsimpson571, on Flickr

(hope it works, i'm rubbish with this stuff) its a 120mm sky-watcher refractor, its been really good since i got it especially with the dark nights now, i'm still overwhelmed just what you can see even from my back garden, but slowly (ever so slowly) recognizing things and learning a little each time i use it, my wow moments have to be when i first saw Saturn & Jupiter through it, with the moon a very close second, a couple of weeks ago i even found M31 the Andromeda Galaxy, which to be honest i am still having trouble getting my head around the distances involved with anything i look at at, i have even bought a X2 Barlow lense (next on the list is a set of filters which i think will be useful), thanks to everyone for all the topics and tips they are really interesting 



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nice setup Richard,

Saturn is a great view, tiny light in the sky then when you look at it with a scope the rings appear as if by magic, you`ll be able to get views of m42 the orion nebula about 10 pm this time of year which is another amazing sight visually 

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