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2" Moon filter?


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Anybody suggest a good 2" Lunar filter, looked at a Baader and SW variable polarising filter??

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I have the 1.25 version of this......




Good bit of kit, caters for all levels of moon light from thin crescent through to full moon.


Down side is you have to keep taking the EP out to adjust the strength of the filter but that is the same with all variable filters.

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I have the 2" variable polarising one and think it does a great job for the money. You can dial in exactly the amount of attenuation you need for the current phase. If I remember correctly they go from about 40% down to 5%. Mine isn't SW, but was probably made in the same factory :)

Some prefer the view through neutral density filters, but they are generally more expensive and you really need at least a couple of different densities for use at different phases. I have never tried a ND filter.

I have tried the cheap ones, but they just give a horrible green hue which I don't enjoy seeing.

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I normally just hold it between my eye and the eyepiece and twist it to the right position, then just screw it on the back of the eyepiece. Just takes several seconds to get the right setting.

Unless the moon changes its phase during the observing session it shouldn't need readjusting :)

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