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Atik 314L+ - help needed with some questions please

Guest VikN46

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I am seriously thinking buying one and some narrowband filters as I am getting fed up with all the clear nights that coincide with a lovely bright full moon. At least I will be able to get more imaging nights in

This camera seems to be a popular choice of CCD, I know the sensor if pretty small compared to my DSLR but I am willing to learn how to take mosaics for the bigger stuff if need be, or if I get a clear cold moonless night I can always use the 600D.

Some questions if I may:

If you have the above CCD camera I was just wondering what you thought to it?

Is it compatible with the Equinox 80 pro and the 150 PDS?

What size filters do I need 1.25'' or 2''?

Is the capture/processing software that comes with it ok to use or would Nebulosity 3 be better (I already have Neb 3)?

Any recommendations for a manual filter wheel?

any other hints, tips recommendations or other things you could think of that I have not asked will be helpful.

Camera is in the basket ready to be checked out but I don't want to make the wrong decision.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi Vicky,

I bought one at this year's Warwick astro show and it a great camera, will fit the scopes you have very well, the artimis software that comes with it is great but if you have neb 3 then that allows you to use dithering with PhD.

the chip isn't the biggest but most targets fit the chip fairly well.

1.25" filters would suit this size chip OK.

A ha filter would be my first buy, you get some great shots with ha.

Any reasonable filter wheel, but I bought a starlight xpress 7x1.25" USB wheel which I love and I find better than the atik version as the atik one is more expensive and requires another power supply where as the xpress one is USB powered .

But you could do without the filter wheel as you could screw the filters onto the front of the nosepiece.

Just a thought to get you going.

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Great camera as Rob said.

I use mine with a SW150p and here is what you get on the chip -



This is as much of M31 as you can get-


Should say mine is the original ATIK 16HR one shot colour which is the same camera.

Edited by andyboy1970
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Thanks for sharing Andy, nice images :) I always have my DSLR for bigger targets providing the conditions are right. But for smaller DSO's and Galaxies should be just fine I think.

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Meant to say the 1.25 filters are fine as the chip is small.

Also you don't need to use darks as the chips are excellent.

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I have had the mono and now have the osc version and can vouch for these cameras, Coupled with the capture software, artemis, they are a doddke to use, when the cooling is on they are very low noise, I dont think Ive taken darks at all with mine.

I used an Atik manual wheel but the Bs astro and their ilk are just as good. 1.25 filters are all you need and it will work in both your scopes.

Ive gone to the one shot colour only because Im lazy and cant be doing with all this filter mallarky.

There are some good sh bargains to be had out there now, just make sure you buy from someone who knows how to work them and treat them ok. They dont like being switched off cold so I was told, so if the cam hasnt been allowed to warm up before switching off too many times it may cause problems

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Being the older Hr16 I don't have the choice the cooling is always on so when I switch off my camera stays outside in the garage rather than bringing it into the house.

Would like the mono version but they rarely come up second hand.

Can't see the point in buying a motorised filter wheel for DSO as there is no hurry like in Planetary were you need to get your subs quick with all 4 filters.

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Well I have pressed the checkout button on a 314L+ and a set of second hand Baader narrowband filters, very excited. This will be the last investment in this hobby for quite a while as I have a baby on the way (due in June on my daughters 6th birthday Eeekk!!). Thanks for the help everyone on this decision. Looking forward to getting started, weather permitting of course! :)


sorry silly comp added before finished post :D

Edited by VikN46
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