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Plane or Meteor ?


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Hi All,


forget the quality etc but do you chaps think that this is a meteor.




this is what a plane trail looks like on same night /lens/shutter etc




this is what a star looks like(Stop laughing)




Cannon fd lens 28mm 1:2.8 attached to Raspberry pi using software called Meteotux_pi (rolling stack) using 



Dynamic range compression:high

Opening camera

Starting capture

Frame length 499460us


Pictured East 30 degrees elavation thru double glazing and secondary glazing plus mr Blobby right above at about 180 degrees (ie south)




Usually I spot the lights of the plane but thought this was different but I am not holding my breathe :ph34r: .


Comments (good or bad or Jokes) accepted  :D


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Nice one Clive :D



I would guess at an Iridium flare (?) as it is quite uniform in shape.... gradually getting brighter and then gradual decrease. I have captured one before on some timelapse photography I was doing. I think some meteorites could also look quite a bit like this (e.g. those that just graze the atmosphere) as well but often expect a less uniform increase/decrease as they often  more suddenly burn up at or near the end.


I'll try and dig out my photo and share it here.


I'm sure others will be along to confirm and add their thoughts.



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According to heavens above the timimg is out by 2hrs (1hr ? UTC to GMT)- my photo was taken at about 3.00am and they say about 5.00am (UTC). The location was about right and my 30 degree's was a guess.


However after comparing the  photo's to others Flares (all better quality) its got the classic shape.


Pity I didn't leave my Samsung SCB2000 running  to get a second AVI but i go thru too much disc space unless I tell sharp cap to miss x frames .


Oh well thanks at least its not another plane - thanks guys.


thinking of putting it all in the caravan and use the skylight as a window

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Nice one Clive. It looks like an Iridium flare. If you were taking a sequence, you'd pick up the satellite in the adjacent images, sometimes the first two images, then the flare, then the remaining two. If the exps were long enough, you could work out a sense check on the time of the total streak/trail. A meteor would be over in a second or two, and often much less. A satellite trail would last for much longer.

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