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Guest to.dick

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Guest to.dick

Hi from Barrow upon Soar.

As I live  on a narrow boat along the soar- grand union canal I have passed some sites worth a visit during these dark nights.

I have a sky prodigy 130  ( very cheap) could not resist, I noticed it is not regarded very highly on here but I will try it out and see.

hope to talk to you all soon.

regards .

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Hi Dick, a warm welcome to the forum.


There's nothing wrong with the scope you have chosen, it will show you the Planets, the brighter deep sky objects, and some good lunar detail. It should keep you busy for a while.


Keep an eye on the announcements and info section, if you want to join in any of the activities when they happen you would be very welcome.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask away in the Beginners and help section, someone will be along to help out.


Enjoy the forum. :)

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Guest to.dick

Hi all thanks for the warm welcome

I bought this telescope as a repair or spares job

After a couple of days trying to make sense of the problems and getting used to the telescope

I kept getting the line cap? 1 540 error on the handset. otherwise it seemed to work fine.

A couple of nights outside  trying this and that getting on the net so on so on.. 


went to bed one morning 5 am after a night outside, when I realised that the enter key did not seem to do a lot

any way took it to pieces and low and behold who ever had   it  before for what ever reason had opened the

back when re assembling it had pinched a ribbon connecting strip between the pad and the buttons.


anyway put it all back next night perfect buttons worked menus fine all good.


Now I found that the hand set firmware is 3.11 how do I update

read all the info on the net as I could find downloaded all the update files but cannot find any where which buttons to press to start off.

o & 8 did not work??

sorry for the long post



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