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PoTM January 2015


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  • 3 weeks later...

Here's IC405, the Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga. This is 6 hours of Hydrogen Alpha collected with 20 minute subs with my SW ED80 and Atik 314L+. Stacked with DSS and polished up with Pixinsight.



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32 x 30 seconds, Canon 550d, 200mm f4 L series lens, HEQ5

Don't have a light pollution filter so 30 seconds was the maximum usable sub length.

Slight tail detail coming through.

Vignetting is due to the tight fitting camping mat dew-shield

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This is the first time I have Judged a PoTM, and it is difficult being just a visual observer. That said, I can see the immense work involved in getting the data for images, and then the processing to really bring out the object of the image.


The weather has been rubbish, and even on clear nights the seeing and transparency has probably made it like trying to image through flowing water.


For me though, there is one image which stood out. The image of Comet Lovejoy taken by StuartJJP.

This is just a cracking image of this fleeting visitor, a widefield with not just the comet, but the Pleiades as well. This is a tricky one to pull off, as the comet has independant movement to the starfield, and they are there with nice detail, both in the comet's tail and the nebulosity in M45.


So the winner of January's PoTM is StuartJJP, well done.


I cannot leave out thanking the other entrants, Leigh's Flaming Star nebula, a sterling effort, and Andy's Lovejoy, which is centered on the comet and not the stars.


Steve's Moon is a beauty, getting the colour in has really made it pop right out, without  washing out the detail, and nicely focussed as well, really sharp.


Thank you again and here's to a better February.

Clear Skies.






You asked for Comet photos so here's mine...Taken on 17th January 2015 on Badger Farm in Lincolnshire at the ELAC meeting. More details by clicking on the image.




Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) passing M45 (Pleiades) - FINAL by StuartJPP, on Flickr


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Thanks for the round up Baz and a well deserved win! :thumbsup: Good work everyone.


Thanks for the moon comments... if you have not done already download a full sized version to scan around :-)



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