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Moon 7/1/15 and first Light Revelation Astro 2" 2x Barlow


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Finally go to have a go with this new barlow the other night both visually and also tried it out for imaging. A bit fiddly to get it to focus with the DSLR (in terms of being able reach focus and using extension tubes) but got there in the end.


Usually its ED80, extension tube, T connector (?) to DSLR

Tried: ED80 to 2x barlow, extension, T-piece DSLR

ED80 to 2x barlow,  T-piece DSLR

Finally worked with ED80 to extension tube, 2x barlow, T-piece, DSLR


Is there any order they should be in or is it just the one that works!!


Got this picture of the moon which I am quite happy with, Its a stack of 122 images (a best of 136) Needed a bit of creative sharpening as normal but no more than usual. It has a much bigger image scale than I usually get with the ED80 and was pretty sharp originally so I am chuffed with the purchase. Have  a look at the full size version if you are interested.


I have some small Jupiter shots to have a play with as well and may post them later!


Comments, feedback and advice welcome as ever :)


ED80 + 2x Barlow (as above)

Nikon D5000

Exp 1/60s, 200ISO

122 Frames stacked in Registax






16230503392_63309bbc98_o.jpgMoon early morning 7/1/15 by sja88, on Flickr


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Comparing to previous images I thought it was a little bright so have reduced the brightness a little and upped the colour. Maybe even needs a bit more "darkening" and probably less sharpening around the terminator...


15609315624_789acc0d21_o.jpgMoon early morning 7/1/15 darker and a little colour by sja88, on Flickr



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I'm not really a moon man, but they both look brilliant. Just like looking through an eyepiece with crisp focus on a really good night :thumbsup:

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Thanks all :)


Mike/Absterreo - Still have much to learn about processing and sharpening... actually used the smart sharpen tool rather than the unsharp mask on this one. Mike, high pass layer is new to me thanks! Had a look and found out a bit about it here: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/high-pass-sharpening.shtml as well as adjustment layers which were new to me as well! All looks useful thanks.



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