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Birds of Prey


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For my sons 11th birthday suprise we took him for a birding experience, it was basically three times of owls, a Harris hawk and a Peregrine that James could hold and fly. Below are a few shots, taken with a 1000d and a 70-300 Sigma.









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I used to have a pair of little owls in the distant past, couldn't afford anything else then. They are difficult to fly, and mostly grumpy, tending to get distracted quick. Much like me really.

I love the one launching off the hand, great shot, I'll bet James loved the experience..........did you check his pockets when you left!

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Fabulous shots Mick - I just love those birds of prey !!

Di's got her Certificate of Falconry from a falconry center just outside Stratford - you'll have to have a chinwag with her lol :)

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There is a falconry centre near Barnsdale Lodge in Rutland, I go past it now and again, my friends been and says it's great, he used to keep hawks so probably gets withdrawal symptoms. .

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Magnificent creatures nice photos, I love to see the displays at the game fairs.

I was watching a pair of common buzzarrds through my binos today circling looking for breakfast. I could tell they were common because they were swearing alot

Ill fetch my coat


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