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Website Issues


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You will no doubt have noticed, through the lack of a clear sky to distract you, that the forum has been down for most of the night.


Following the recent migration there have been some quite severe issues to work through. I thought these had been resolved yesterday but they manifested themselves quite spectacularly tonight. Unfortunately one of the issues was so severe I had to take down the forum without any notice.


I am now hopeful everything is working.


For the moment the Member Map remains offline. I will look into that when time permits.


Sorry folks. Hopefully you can have a full forum night tomorrow night. 

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Cheers Craig.

Good to know that you are hanging around in the background waiting to leap into action and sort out a crisis, superman suit at the ready :)

Brilliant service, thanks for your hard work keeping us communicating :thumbsup:

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  • 1 year later...

Any ideas what this might be about?

 Samsung Tab, all of a sudden it starts doing this earlier this week with the topic titles on all pages. No recent updates on the tablet that I know of and tab works fine on other IPS theme fora.

Have had to load the PITA Tapatalk to access EMS on the tablet now.

Selecting the different filters/views makes no difference

This was posted from my DT



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It's a result of the update that was last applied.


I'm afraid this will only become a worsening position for users of older handsets and/or older versions of Android, as backwards compatibility can only be accommodated for so long. As more of the software is enhanced and built to include cutting edge web technology you'll start to find more of it becoming inaccessible or unusable.


The only solution I can offer is to install a browser from the Play Store, such as Chrome or Firefox, and see if that resolves the issue.

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Yes craig I get it now thanks. Interesting thing I found with tapatalk is that one gets things one isnt supposed to see

Sent from my GT-P3110 using Tapatalk

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Sorry that sounded a bit brusque


Ive got it all along Craig thanks


I run a small business, I developed a web site and I chose a service that gave me a site that was viewable on as many platforms as possible, mobile, desktop etc, this is to get as many customers as possible access because after all customers means business. If I chose one that restricted access to only those with the latest gear or specific apps then I would lose customers.


I realise its annoying and one cant cater for every piece of gear around but its also a bit of a pain having to buy new gear every other year to read a forum. SGL and EMS have chosen this IPS forum which is fine, great if you have the stuff to read it but I wonder how many folks have gone because the format is not that accessible or intuitive. I understand SGL have had problems with drops in numbers as well since changeover.


Just my thoughts and a little feedback


I will change my tablet one day but not just yet, because all other fora and sites I use apart from the IPS ones seem to work fine.





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I understand Phil. If I could fix the problem and make the software backwards-compatible I would. It's just not in my capability to do so.


IPS is at the forefront of web technology and the adoption of the new software has been so good they decided to discontinue support of the old version early, which EMS started on. It's something I predicted long in advance of them announcing it and advised on upgrading sooner so EMS was not left scrambling at the end without any support. They announced their intentions at the end of last year (details here: https://invisionpower.com/news/9745-ipboard-34-end-of-support/) which, as you can see, means EMS would have been out of the support period now and would only be receiving security updates.


I've run communities on this software since 2008 and have only encountered the issue of backwards compatibility once, so I don't think it will be impacting EMS that much. SGL are huge, so I imagine the impact scales accordingly and they probably are feeling it.

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