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Big favour needed from HEQ5 owner


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Hi all

I need a big favour from some one who owns an HEQ5.

I need a photo of the circuit board which has the power socket and switch on. (The one on the front held on by the 2 screws.)

What I need is a photo of the underside of it where all the wires are soldered on.

I have one here someone sent me to see if I can get him up and running again.

He was setting up his rig in his living room when his power pack got knocked over.

The result was it ripped the power socket off the primary board.

He tried to repair it but unfortunately made a bit of a dogs dinner and in the process managed to detach another 4 wires from the board.

I cannot find a single photo on the web showing the underside of this board so I can see where to reattach these wires for him.

I am doing this just to try and help out a fellow astronomer not as a paid job.

Anyone who can help please post up a photo.

Many thanks in advanced.


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Hope you manage to fix it.


Thanks to your photos the job as they say is a "good un".  :2thumbsup:  :notworthy:

Also added a new power supply.



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Looks similar to my power supply mod.

Its tight getting the socket in isn't it?

I use the original 12v socket for the cooling fan using a diode to protect the circuit board.

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