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Inspired by the eclipse

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Had a wonderful time viewing the eclipse, after watching the weather forecast all week and expecting the worst. The blue sky was really clear in Mansfield, and I was so glad to be here today rather than the Faroe Islands below the cloud. My 18 year old daughter had a free morning off school watching it with me, and was really inspired by it. I sent my 14 year old son to school with several pairs of eclipse glasses for him and his school mates, and he texted me later to say thanks for the glasses and he'd really enjoyed it.

Got the ST120 set up in the backyard with objective filter previously purchased from Philjay. A bit of boiling around the edge of the moon and sun were evident and a bit of CA fringing, but it didn't detract from the exciting view. Had superbly focused eyepiece views including the sunspot before the moon merged into it. Even snapped it on my phone through the 17mm Ethos 100 and 9mm ES 120, which is a first for me. Focus isn't brilliant holding the phone over the eyepiece, but zoom in on my pic for the sunspot in the top half of the image. We also used eclipse glasses, then a colander and a pinhole in paper. We had a nice surprise seeing lots of images projected on to the conservatory floor tiles from pinholes in the blinds.

The sky did noticably dim towards maximum giving an eerie light, but it didn't seem as dark as I'd expected probably as it had dimmed gradually over the hour and my eyes had adapted over that period. Afterwards, the false dawn chorus of birds started up making the whole experience even more magical. About 10 minutes after maximum, a bank of cloud rolled in to put an end to the spectacle, but it didn't matter at all since my daughter and I felt so elated from the experience. We both had smiles on our faces as big and bright as the remaining crescent of sun at maximum. It was a very calming though powerful experience, and I got to thinking of the effect of such apparitions on ancient civilizations.

What an absolutely wonderful morning, and then I went happily off to work. :)














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Nice one Pete, indeed a wonderful day in sunny Mansfield!🌞🌙 and the cloud only rolled in after the event!

We were in the right place at the right time for once! ☀ï¸Perfick!

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Like your colander shot, Pete........

The world didn't end then.  Maybe next time. :)


I used a pair of bins projecting onto white paper.  Got about a 1 inch eclipse.

Sky was completely clear during the whole show here near Ashby.


 That was probably my last eclipse before my own eclipse. :D

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