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If, in our opinion, your post content, private messages, signature, profile image, chat messages, etc., are disruptive and impact our members' enjoyment of our community, we will ask you to refrain from such actions in the future or will revoke your access to this community.

Any posts advocating or instructing how to perform acts of unauthorised accessing, copying or redistribution of intellectual property are strictly forbidden. Such posts will be immediately moderated and your access to this community will be revoked.

Due to the controversial nature of some subjects, including but not limited to political and/or religious views, discussions of these subjects are not permitted on the forum and will be removed. Moderators are free to exercise their discretion in this regard.

Discussing or questioning incidents of moderation in open forum, including but not limited to the forum, status updates and chat box, is strictly forbidden.

All administrator and moderator decisions are final.

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