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    • 78% Waxing Gibbous Moon in colour
      My first go at a full colour moon. Taken with a Celestron C8; f6.3 focal reducer and Canon 450d.
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    • New scope is home.
      He should, that setup is a thing of beauty!
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    • Check it out!
      Pleased to announce I bagged a picture slot in this months Sky At Night Magazine "Hotshots" section🌛. Chuffed😁😁
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    • Photos from Rosetta
      Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seandoran/sets/72157696544758571/




      Some stunning images.
      The Mars stuff is also stunning:
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    • Pier is finished
      Finally finished the Pier off today, just machined some rotary countersunk slots in the adaptor to allow a little movement, over engineered really! All the decking is finished off and added the side deck and the shed turns up Monday. Fingers crossed by Monday evening my kit will be undercover.
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    • First Moon for ages
      DSLR 1.54m ISO 100 1/500 second exposure:
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    • M51 - Taken from T18 iTelescope.Net in Spain
      OK, so I got fed up of light nights and poor weather and decided to use some robotic telescope time from iTelescope's observatory in Spain. Can't believe this is just 20 mins of exposure
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    • Visiting the Isaac Newton and William Herschel Telescope
      Here is a very special memory from my trip to La Palma. I was lucky enough to be able to take a look around the Isaac Newton and William Herschel Telescopes. So I took a few clips of on my phone of my son Oliver.  I have a friend who lives on the island had access to the observatory, he very kindly took myself and my son on a tour around where we he gave us a demonstration of the functionality of the scope moving the dome, shutter and telescope. I wasn't expecting the telescope to be completely silent when it moved....just amazing. Oliver was even allowed to close the mirror cover.....lucky boy!
      Thanks for watching 👍
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    • Solar viewing at Shipley Park Saturday the 2nd of June and Saturday the 23rd of June.
      We will be holding our annual solar observing event at Shipley park visitor centre this Saturday, the 2nd of June. We will have a display board showcasing astrophotography with pictures taken by our members along with telescopes fitted with special filters to allow safe viewing of the sun. Please never look directly at the sun without the correct safety measures. Members of the public are welcome to look through our members equipment free of charge, donations are welcomed and go towards the running of the society. We will be at the visitor centre from 10am till 4pm. The display boards will stay at the visitors centre until we return for part two on the 23rd of June. Hope to see you all there.
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    • Milky Way over the William Herschel Telescope
      I was lucky enough to get to go to La Palma...well what can I say other than 'jaw dropping' ...those who have visited will already know. I drove up the one and a half hour journey to the top every night for five nights and stayed till the early hours. Seeing Scorpio in full for the first time was amazing, its now my new favourite constellation. Being in the presence of these historical observatories along with the ink black skies will stay with me for the rest of my days. The zodiacal light stretched up way above my head it was magical. 

      I had a chance to go into the William Herschel and Isaac Newton Telescopes. There is a massive amount of work going on with the WHT at the moment as they are completely replacing the telescope control systems. They were testing it the night I took this shot. 

      Sagittarius and Scorpio rising above The William Herschel Telescope. Taken with my Sony A7s and Nikon 50mm lens. 3x 20s two panels dark frame subtracted. 
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