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Mars 11-3 the boring side


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Tried a diferent scope tonight

I lugged the 300 flextube onto the NJP mount and used the x5 powermate

that was fun i can tell you


a better one from the 5th Mar with the 8" SCT


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Good results Steve. I particularly like the second pic,good detail.

Did you bring out the x5 power mate because of that thread where they were asking about which kind of Barlow to get?

I recall you said you had used the x5 twice, so make that thrice now ;)

I do like looking at your images. Maybe one day when I know a bit more and have accumulated some gear and learnt how to use it I will be taken by the dark side :)


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Guest Darrian

You have two cracking shots of mars. I know the second image with the SCT is better , but i'm more interested in the first image with the 300p.

How did you get such a good image? Everytime i try and do something with mars , It just comes out as an orange ball and even with Photo shop i cant bring out any detail whatsoever..



Do i need to go out and buy a 5x ? :)

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I used the x5 as the f ratio is low on the flextube f5 as opposed to f10 on the SCT

if I get 1/2 hour I will run the avi with the x2.5

the secret is lots of avi's and the p word

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Now thats great Steve, I was looking at Mars the same night and was convinced there was cloud there but couldnt quite confirm even with an 80 filter due to earths atmospherics messing with the view. Your image has confirmed I wasnt imagining it, thanks


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