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VW testing factory.

Ok, headlines like this make most scientists and astronomers cringe! Generally it's the media that seize upon and sensationalise any scraps of data that mention aliens etc. There are several mentio

somebody is "B" arking up the wrong tree


"this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build."

What is that above statement based on... The death star in star wars ??

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Can you imagine the amount of mass these things have, having the resources to even contemplate moving that amount of material around would be phenomenal. Far easier and cheaper to just clear off and find somewhere else if you have that technology at hand.

It's going to be a bunch of rocks which for what ever reason have not made it to planet stage.

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I read this article which had a bit more detail. Prehaps better written. One thing is for sure something interesting is going on around that star. And someone is spending alot of money to find out. Why not huge structures, i know its far fetched but it's long been accepted that if we could harness the suns energy more efficiently with some sort of solar barge we would.


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Ok, headlines like this make most scientists and astronomers cringe! Generally it's the media that seize upon and sensationalise any scraps of data that mention aliens etc.

There are several mentions about star KIC 8462852 on the Internet and most of it is matter of fact stuff... The news is certainly intriguing and sensibly, SETI etc should look closer at this area! You never know!

If advanced alien intelligent life is leeching power from a star, using a 'donut' sphere of energy gathering satellites, then it may be possible to detect evidence of such. Or it may be as we suspect, that it is just rocks, debris from colliding planets etc... But we have to look see!

NASA, SETI, scientists and astronomers are spending billions of dollars to search for signs of life elsewhere in the universe. This seems a logical step!

We are sending spacecraft to other planets, moons comets... We develop all manner of telescopes and probes to look for potential life bearing exoplanets... We agree with all this...

We make hundreds of movies and tv programmes about space travel etc... We are primed, conditioned and ready for the inevitable news that ET is out there!

The logical thing is to assume our planet is not the only place with any form of life, so no-one really scoffs at this search for alien life any more, we accept it as the next logical step in our species development. So it is natural in this modern environment to assume it's only a matter of time before we start to make some progress and find some evidence...

But I guess, because of the vast distances involved in space, we will find it difficult to prove beyond doubt, and certainly never be able accept any form of evidence of life elsewhere, unless we find it in our own solar system, or ultimately, it decides to come and visit us first!!!

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This is what damage unsubstantiated claims like this can do, I never, ever see any thing scientific on my Face Ache feed but guess what has just made an appearance, "scientists have found evidence of alien mega structures" I kid you not......

People are do gulable it's ridiculous.

I think as a species we are doomed.

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It does make you wonder, I suspect that not only are people gullible, but some are just led by others who brain wash them. This does seem to be more prevalent across the pond. The waco siege, Jones town massacre and so on are where vulnerable people are led by megalomaniacs. 


Here's one that proves the point nicely I think that people are not always rational.



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Hi Andy, this is very interesting... People are taking the data very seriously!

Is this star really a one off? If so, it would be highly unusual...

Obviously more to come on this matter...

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