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Canon EOS for Astroimaging +


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I'm planning on upgrading my current Canon EOS 400D soon (or more correctly somebody has given me a 'hint' that if I want one I might want to decide before my birthday in March!)


It will be used for astro-imaging on my scopes (SW Equinox 80 & Vixen VC200L) and also on the Astrotrac and also for some more general photography (mostly outdoor/nature)


I'm looking at sticking with Canon and trying to decide between either the EOS 750D or 760D with the DIGIC6 processor.  

At the moment I'm more drawn to the 760D with it's top LCD screen for some of the settings and the price difference isn't too much of a concern  (especially if I'm not buying it  :lol: )


An astro mod is something that I might consider, not sure if they are available for both of these yet, but I can wait a little while for this.

As far as I'm aware the lenses I have for my 400D will fit both of these newer EOS's so I could go for a  'body only' 

I know Backyard EOS supports both cameras and  I think my Astronomik CLS clip filter will still fit either of these newer cameras.


Anybody got any suggestions or know of any issues with either of these for astro use  ?




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Couple of sites to look at with ideas for you Al:






I've used astronomiser and a good phonechat with Andy Elliss is worth it's weight in gold for imaging. I've not used the other one but I understand they're popular and quite reputable. The 750 seems to be the one to go with - not seen any 760's on there yet - but that could be for any reason and not necessarily to do with astronomy. Hth :)

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Cheers Kim,


I've looked at those sites before but not for the 750D & 760D.  I do remember last time I looked that I ended up getting confused over the different filter mods.

Doesn't really help when Cheapastrophotography list 2 astro modded 750D's alongside a picture of the 760D.

From the descriptions I think one them is a 760D (Top LCD panel) and one a 750D


Giving Astronomiser a call might be the best option.

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Yes it is a tad confusing sometimes that website. If it were me I'd wanna phone chat with the guy first so I knew exactly what I was getting. But a lot of folks have used him and I never heard a negative report. I'm thinking of getting one of my 1000D's done with him. :)

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