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Moon and Venus


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Did anyone see the thin crescent Moon and Venus this evening?


Was walking the dogs at 7.05pm, and it was a lovely sight in a bright twilight sky. According to Stellarium the Moon was 5 degrees above the horizon and Venus only 2 degrees at mag -3.4. Venus was about to set behind some trees on the distant horizon.


Tried to get a picture of the Moon amd Venus on my phone, but only got the Moon. Venus was drowned in the bright twilight.


A little later on the walk, just after Venus had set, Saturn and Mars became visible.

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I saw the moon, but not Venus.

Just the odd glance as i was on a train at the time.


I still have not seen Venus yet this apparition.

Inferior conjunction is not until 25 March 2017 so i have plenty of time yet.


This next apparition promises to be as good as it gets for us in the Northern hemisphere.

I'm hoping to be able to follow Venus all the way through.

Theres a good chance of seeing it both in the evening and the following morning on I.C day.

If it looks as good as this i'll be a happy bunny.



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I haven't seen Venus yet. To be brutally honest (I'm a bad liar anyway!), 90% of my Venus shots are quite poor. It is difficult because it is so bright but the brightness is concentrated on a small area. I recommend using a variable polarising filter and a low ISO.

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I was hoping to see Venus again tonight while walking the dogs. The moon was looking nice a bit higher up tonight, but Venus was obscured by a bank of distant cloud extending about 5 degrees above the horizon. Saw loads of bats on tonights walk. :)

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Again saw the moon ; a nice crescent. Seemed to have a very shallow trajectory.

No sign of Venus as yet. Maybe i need to be on a mountain or something.


Ironically Mercury is a lot easier to see in the morning than Venus is in the evening sky !

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Had another look on Wednesday evening on the way up to DDAS observatory.

Still no joy. And there was no cloud about in the western sky. 

Perhaps i should leave it a month ?

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